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Chuck has always been adventurous, and for over 30 years has had an interest in photography. Only in recent years, after being encouraged by friends and family to market and share his photography, has he been devoted to revisiting and reshooting so many places from past years to share with others the beauty that nature has to offer. He has been fortunate to travel to some very special places that others may never see due to health, time restraints or other issues. He hopes that through his images he can share the beauty of nature with you.

It has been said that only other photographers truly understand the frustration and rewards of trying to capture that moment in time when everything comes together at once to capture that perfect image. Whether it’s trying to catch the last rays of sunlight beaming through the arch at 2nd Beach, La Push, Washington, wondering if you have made every setting on the camera correctly to shoot that last four minutes you have waited all day for, or the first rays of sun glistening off the top of Eagle Falls in South Lake Tahoe. Both of which, in more than five trips each, he has yet to capture the image he is after. But knowing it will be worth every effort when he does.

Chuck sincerely hopes his love of photography will be greatly appreciated by those of you who visit the website he has created to share the works of his own personal experiences. Please enjoy his images, and appreciate the tremendous beauty of nature.

Chuck Couture
Chuck Couture